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NEW PALTZ, NEW YORK AND BRATTLEBORO, VERMONT – January 24, 2013 – CSRHub LLC and OneReport, Inc., both leading providers of corporate responsibility information services, are pleased to announce a new marketing and services agreement. Through this agreement, CSRHub and OneReport will cross-promote and offer discounts to clients on their respective services. OneReport will also embed selected CSRHub tools in the OneReport platform, providing options for OneReport clients to access limited CSR ratings of themselves and peer companies based on CSRHub’s scoring rubrics.

CSRHub provides access to CSR data on nearly 7,000 companies from 200 sources across 135 industries, in 82 countries, creating more than 20 million data points of reporting output. Since 2003, OneReport’s online platform has helped organizations efficiently address corporate responsibility assessments by integrating the metrics of leading frameworks and ratings organizations, supporting internal data management and leveraging information for different stakeholders.

“CSRHub is excited to partner with OneReport to help customers improve their CSR and sustainability reporting and communication to stakeholders,” said Cynthia Figge, Chief Operating Officer and Cofounder of CSRHub.

“CSRHub provides tools that complement OneReport,” said Janice Warren, President of OneReport, “helping companies navigate and consider third-party assessments as they monitor and benchmark corporate responsibility performance.”

For program details from a user or client perspective, see overviews for OneReport andCSRHub. Current clients may access options for tailored services and further discounts.

OneReport CSR

About OneReport, Inc.

OneReport, Inc. is a leading provider of corporate responsibility (CR) information management and reporting services. Launched ten years ago to help companies combat survey fatigue, the OneReport platform integrates key reporting frameworks and assessments, enabling clients to navigate the evolving ratings landscape and address relevant metrics efficiently. OneReport’s online software simplifies the process of data collection, colleague engagement and oversight, reporting and publishing. A resource for many Fortune 1000 firms and organizations of all sizes, OneReport is also a Global Reporting Initiative-certified software and tools provider.



About CSRHub, LLC

CSRHub creates simple, direct comparisons of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability performance among competitors and across supply chains, industry, and regions. It reinforces third-party standards and encourages transparency and responsible behavior. Our comprehensive database of CSR information provides you a complete set of sustainability metrics and tools. We support and serve the decision-making needs of corporate managers, researchers and activists.


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