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The rate of change across ESG/Sustainability is staggering. It’s tough for company boards and management teams to get ahead of the curve, especially for small and mid-cap companies. It has become effectively non-optional for company leadership to be aware of these trends and anticipate appropriate company positioning.

Relavancy and focus

Cutting through conflicting third-party inquiries while following core mainstream ESG developments is challenging. There are simply too many questionnaires and reporting frameworks to consider responding to all of them. Smaller companies can learn from larger companies that already have had to establish an internal approach to questionnaires.

Meanwhile, maintaining perspective and purposeful conviction is critical to each company’s unique positioning, priorities and appropriate strategic communications and continuity.


Find the time and make the investment to research and develop an ESG/Sustainability vision and strategic roadmap for your company in order to ensure you are driving your own proverbial bus with purpose and internal direction to be on the highway — and others aren’t driving your teams in circles.

For more about ESG/Sustainability strategy within companies, read the remainder of the article at AlphaSense.

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