You decide which frameworks to address. We can help you with sequence and deadlines. Collect and report one by one or tackle them as a group. Start with help navigating, or dive into the process. OneReport helps to manage the process, as well as individual projects. Depending on which service option your company chooses, the steps may include:

Customize: Personalize your global settings. Choose the research and ratings agencies to which your company will report, set internal deadlines, and select workflow options.
Assign and Delegate: Decide who will be involved and how. Delegate reporting tasks according to your needs. Data requests may be assigned to individual users or teams to match or limit access to select information or system functions based on roles and permissions.
Input Data: Within each data request, specific data points can be easily entered, supporting documents may be uploaded, and commentary may be provided. Company users can also enter related notes and documents that are for internal use only. Track changes to quantitative and qualitative data. Monitor completion status. Collaborate using internal commenting tools. Leverage historical information from prior years and different frameworks or ratings organizations.
Approve: Enable or require approval for each request by an authorized employee before releasing or publishing data.
Review: Other members of your company, such as auditors, legal counsel, consultants, or other senior colleagues, may have access to approved data on a read-only basis, and may provide commentary for consideration.
Release: Once your data is finalized, it can be released to selected data users through OneReport’s data network by the authorized person (people) within your company. Data requests may be released to one data user or multiple data users at once, but can be reused and tailored for individual research/ratings organizations.
Self-publish: Share any indicator, file, PDF report you need. Create a GRI content index and report, a UN Global Compact Communication on Progress, or report on a topic or project. Easily collect, draft, and update information with the push of a button.

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