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Insurance companies are in an interesting position when it comes to ESG/Sustainability.  Like with other sectors, it appears as though especially midsize-to-smaller U.S. carriers are late to the party in competitive ESG/Sustainability positioning.  But that might be changing.

As we frequently read these days, ESG is here to stay and is solidly in the mainstream.


From an insurer’s risk standpoint, think about exposure to subscribing companies that might occur in environmental, social and/or governance claims situations.   From an insurer’s company return standpoint, think about missing competitive positioning opportunities to grow business by ignoring increasing B2B and consumer stakeholders’ attention to ESG related communications and inquiry responsiveness.

It appears to be time for more U.S. insurance companies’ leadership to catch-up and harness ESG/Sustainability for your company’s competitive advantage.

For more about Insurers’ Opportunities through ESG/Sustainability, read the remainder of the article at AlphaSense…

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