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Why was OneReport developed?

We can answer that in two words: “survey fatigue.” As demand for the corporate governance, environmental, and social performance data of publicly traded companies grew, companies sought help tackling questionnaires and information requests. Managing the plethora of queries from the responsible investment community and other stakeholders can be overwhelming.

  • Satisfy institutional investors and research and rating agencies need for timely, accurate, and comparable data on which to base their assessments, awards, and index decisions.
  • Provide one place for companies to navigate and address requested information.
  • Help companies leverage the information for multiple organizations.
  • Simplify the internal information data collection and management and external reporting processes.
I’m new to reporting. Where do I start?

OneReport’s software can help turn your learning curve into a launch ramp.

Learn more in our New to CSR section.

Who can receive my company’s reported data?

See “Data Network” for details. Companies control who receives data. Each client has the option to select from a menu of “data users” that are customized based on your organization’s type, industry, geographic location and needs. For public companies, the data users include research and ratings agencies that evaluate social, environmental, economic, and corporate governance information for investors. These ratings organizations represent both the mainstream and sustainable and responsible investment (SRI) investor community. Research and ratings agencies that cover over 5,000 companies worldwide have agreed to collect sustainability data through the OneReport network, and therefore provide their survey or data requests for incorporation into OneReport.

Our company receives dozens of surveys and information requests for sustainability information. Can OneReport help?

Absolutely. OneReport integrates and organizes this information to help you respond efficiently. OneReport eliminates redundancy. Is a question or data point sought by different raters identical? Answer it once in OneReport. Are questions similar but different? OneReport identifies the commonalities and nuances, and gives you tools to efficiently provide the information. Reporting companies keep control over which OneReport® data users receive their reported data for integrated data requests – and when.

Learn more about OneReport’s Data Network.

How is OneReport software organized?

OneReport contains consolidated data requests from research and rating organizations, and organizes them largely around the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework, the most widely adopted corporate responsibility reporting framework. (OneReport is a GRI certified software/tools provider.) Topics within OneReport are grouped into sections and subsections, allowing users to report subject by subject. Assign and share responsibility by topic – even for granular or qualitative data. Data can also be viewed, organized, sorted, and addressed by individual frameworks or by topic.

What does the reporting process look like with OneReport?

You decide which frameworks to address. We can help you with sequence and deadlines. Collect and report one by one or tackle them as a group. Start with help navigating, or dive into the process. OneReport helps to manage the process, as well as individual projects. Depending on which service option your company chooses, the steps may include:

Customize: Personalize your global settings. Choose the research and ratings agencies to which your company will report, set internal deadlines, and select workflow options.
Assign and Delegate: Decide who will be involved and how. Delegate reporting tasks according to your needs. Data requests may be assigned to individual users or teams to match or limit access to select information or system functions based on roles and permissions.
Input Data: Within each data request, specific data points can be easily entered, supporting documents may be uploaded, and commentary may be provided. Company users can also enter related notes and documents that are for internal use only. Track changes to quantitative and qualitative data. Monitor completion status. Collaborate using internal commenting tools. Leverage historical information from prior years and different frameworks or ratings organizations.
Approve: Enable or require approval for each request by an authorized employee before releasing or publishing data.
Review: Other members of your company, such as auditors, legal counsel, consultants, or other senior colleagues, may have access to approved data on a read-only basis, and may provide commentary for consideration.
Release: Once your data is finalized, it can be released to selected data users through OneReport’s data network by the authorized person (people) within your company. Data requests may be released to one data user or multiple data users at once, but can be reused and tailored for individual research/ratings organizations.
Self-publish: Share any indicator, file, PDF report you need. Create a GRI content index and report, a UN Global Compact Communication on Progress, or report on a topic or project. Easily collect, draft, and update information with the push of a button.

What tools are provided with OneReport?

OneReport offers powerful tools to increase the efficiency of your company’s information management, project management and the response and reporting process. Whether you want help navigating external frameworks and ratings organizations or publishing a Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) index and report, OneReport provides easy to use tools. View and import archived data from previous years, create and print customized documents, access extensive activity logs, track data changes (from numbers to paragraphs) and monitor the status of all aspects of reporting. Depend on your reference library to manage and upload documents, links, and supporting information. Tap internal notes, commenting tools, and references to collaborate, keep information confidential but accessible, and preserve institutional memory.

How is the data reported?

Company administrators control whether, when, and how data will be shared externally (or even internally).

  • Custom reports may be generated and shared as files or web links.
  • Data may be “released” directly through the OneReport data network (data users receive notification and log into OneReport to securely access your data).
  • Data may be transferred (manually, or in some cases, electronically) to an external portal for some frameworks or raters.
  • Data can be published in a report form (such as a GRI index or a UN Global Compact Communication on Progress).
  • Data can be shared individually (with a URL).
  • Data may be shared by topic or selectively in a custom PDF report.
  • Can I amend data later, after it has been reported?

    Yes. You may “unrelease” any data request that has been released to a ratings organization, make your adjustments, and release it again. You can also easily make modifications yourself to any published reports (fix typos, update links, change the indicators that you share, etc.). No complicated communication or bureaucracy required to make changes.

    What about security?

    OneReport provides robust security measures to restrict data access and prevent data loss. We meet the requirements and expectations of the many large multinational companies we serve.

    Contact us for more information about our security capabilities.

    What if I need to address a framework OneReport doesn’t have listed?

    We are happy to integrate new and custom frameworks in response to client requests. Let us know what you need. We can demonstrate our capabilities to your team and provide a trial period if you’d like to take OneReport for a test drive.

    How do I get more information about OneReport?

    We are happy to answer your questions, and/or provide you and your colleagues with an online demonstration.

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