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For all intents and purposes, Sustainability has matured as a field to the point of effectively becoming part of the mainstream lexicon for both investors and companies alike.

Mainstream Practice

Evidence that Sustainability is now reflected in mainstream business practices can be found from many directions. I chose three to explore for the purposes of this blog:

  • Top-down emphasis across professional trade associations and counsels
  • Sector-specific company communications and competitive positioning
  • Related growth, valuation and investment research commentary

A simple word search on sustainability across multiple professional organizations’ websites, results in dozens of current articles, events and other attention to Sustainability. I looked at the following organizations geared toward professional investors and corporates, respectively:

  • CFA Institute,[1] Private Equity Growth Counsel a.k.a. American Investment Council[2] and Center for Audit Quality (CAQ)[3]
  • Manufacturers’ Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI),[4] Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI),[5] Association for Supply Chain Management a.k.a. Association for Operations Management (APICS)[6] and Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals[7]

All had a significant number of search results.

Focusing Attention

The broader ESG / sustainability field is replete with information that is often too subjective for capital asset managers to use in investment research and decision-making. However, mainstream attention is focusing on where ESG factors prove to be material to a company’s revenue growth, margins, required capital and risk.


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