Heather ShandClient Services Manager

    Growing up in a small town in Vermont, Heather always felt a strong connection to the nature around her and understood the importance of community, green spaces, clean air, and clean water. She took time to live in and travel to other places, but as with most people who grow up in New England, she willingly returned home.

    Before starting on her path in the sustainability field, Heather spent a number of years working in the fields of advertising/marketing, research, film and photo production. Her commitment to moving towards a more sustainable society was set in stone while obtaining a master’s degree in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability in Sweden. This graduate program uses a systems thinking and strategic management approach to address the complex challenges of social, environmental and economic sustainability.

    She appreciates all that living in Vermont offers, enjoying hiking, biking, nordic skiing and rowing. She gives back to her community through volunteering where needed and currently serves on her local Conservation Commission.

    As the Client Services Manager at OneReport, her goal is to support and help create a smooth process for our clients. In this role, Heather uses her passion for learning to stay on top of the changing CSR and sustainability landscapes, while sharing her growing knowledge with our clients.

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