Jeff FournierLead Software Engineer

    Growing up only a stone’s throw away in Chesterfield, NH, Jeff is a New England villager through and through. Four years of U.S. Army Special Operations provided enough variety, adventure, and eye-opening experiences for him to know that there’s no place like home.

    Jeff figures things out, from satellite communications to electrical wiring, even… running a record label. In 2001 Jeff founded an independent label which he diversified and expanded into a distribution company with one-stop support for independent musicians in nearly every genre and listening category. After negotiating his way to becoming the sole independent distributor for almost 1200 retail stores nation-wide, he found himself in need of a web application that could support an ever-growing number of clients. What does a non-musician, non-businessman, owner of a distribution company do when in need of a web application? Develop his own, of course! Six years, thousands of artists and a massive array of web tools later, he found he had become a full-time software engineer.

    As the distribution of music continued its shift into the digital unknown, Jeff felt there was no longer a need for the business model he had built. However, the existing system he had spent the recent years developing had earned the confidence of long time partner, Tage Multimedia Productions, where Jeff spent the next eight years as part of a development team for large web applications. In 2016 he found his current home at OneReport, and the rest is… the future!


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