Lindsay CoxData Management Specialist

    Hailing from the Green Mountains of Vermont, Lindsay’s interest in Spanish took her all the way to the foothills of the Andes, specifically Santiago, Chile, where she spent a few years studying, volunteering, and working as a translator. While she enjoyed her life in the city, Lindsay returned to Vermont with a new appreciation for backyard access to natural landscapes, minimal traffic jams and abundant cheddar.

    Lindsay has a BA in Spanish from the University of Vermont and an MBA in Managing Mission-Driven Organizations from Marlboro College Graduate & Professional Studies. During her MBA studies, Lindsay discovered her interest in collecting and studying organizational data to evaluate projects and identify risks and opportunities. Before starting her career at OneReport in 2019, Lindsay worked as a college registrar, where she was responsible for many aspects of student data collection and management.

    Lindsay enjoys reading, baking bread, walking on country roads, very occasional yardwork, and taking care of her dog, cat, fish and chickens.

    At OneReport, Lindsay uses her eye for accuracy to support the work of her colleagues in ensuring that data is correct, reliable and up to date.

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