Tracy BartellaCorporate Responsibility Operations Manager

Tracy spent her youth exploring the streams, fields, and forests of Central New York, driving her parents crazy by always asking “Why?”. This curiosity about our living world, its history, and its future led to her studies in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Cornell University and later to her MS in Sustainable Development at Antioch University New England. Tracy’s desire to make a difference in human systems guided her through a variety of leadership roles as she deepened her understanding of how social and evolutionary psychology shape our interactions and applied that knowledge to get things done in the modern business environment. To stay grounded amidst the challenges of school and work, she began a devoted yoga practice that has grown to include teaching actively. When not on the mat, Tracy shares her love of systems and self-improvement with her husband–together striving to complete the greatest amount of housework in the shortest time possible! As OneReport’s Operations Manager, Tracy takes joy in bringing order, focus, and direction to both project management and day to day operations. It is satisfying to feel the impact of her work, and to know that her efforts support OneReport now and into the future.